Our School

1on1Mandarin has been teaching students excellent Chinese since 2004, having successfully taught around a thousand students. Located in Wudaokou, the heart of the university district of Beijing, we are in a prime location to teach students whether they are just visiting Beijing, enrolled in one of the universities, or studying with us full time.

At 1on1Mandarin, we specialize in providing classes where you are the only student being taught. Our experience shows that this is the most effective method of improving students speaking ability, and that speaking is the hardest thing to get right unless you have a good teacher. By being in a 1on1 class you have no option but to be speaking with your teacher from day one, and that allows you to quickly build confidence, and for your teacher to consistently correct your tones and pronunciation until they are really clear.

We take pride in setting the highest standards of quality and service expected from a western clientele. As a result, we have attracted people from all walks of life to establish a unique community and culture that serves as a stable platform for all foreigners to make that smooth transition into Beijing.

We not only want you to learn beautiful Chinese, but we want you to experience the culture and people as well. Ask us about our culture classes, exchange programs, home stays, and community involvement. Or visit our travel website for more information: iConnect China Travel


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