Our Students

We have a broad range of students. Some are full time students, others work in Beijing and study part time, and others just study with us for a couple of weeks while they are on holiday or preparing to go travelling around China.

The age range of our language learners is quite broad; we have students from the mid-twenties up to early sixties, with the largest group of students being in their 30's. The 1on1 approach really appeals to the young and enthusiastic learner who wants to make really quick progress, but also to the older learner who wants to learn at their own pace. The broad age range makes it a really interesting community to be part of.

Our students are quite multinational with a variety of ethnicities. At the moment our language center has learners from Britain, America, Australia, Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, Italy, France and Greece. Some of our students are overseas born Chinese who arrive with some familiarity with the language already, but many of our students start with zero Chinese.

Previous Corporate clients have included:

Google China