Why study with us?

Good Question!!

Based on student survey results, 96% would recommend 1on1 Mandarin to their friends and family, and 91% of our students ranked the performance of their teacher as Very Good or The Best. Martin Symonds, author of the Chinese Made Easier textbook series, describes us as "one of the top Chinese language programs in China." But don't just take his word for it! Here's what some of our students have had to say...

"Thank you for the opportunity to study at 1on1 Mandarin! I appreciate the time and effort put forth by both my teachers. I will certainly share with friends and family... I would highly recommend 1on1 Mandarin." -- Michael Chang, French Tennis Open Champion, USA

"I have had a very good time at 1on1Mandarin. I enjoyed the excellent teachers, the helpful staff, the pleasant atmosphere and – last but not least – the free coffee. Best of all has been the possibility to tailor the course according to my preferences and needs. I brought my favourite textbook and was allowed to discuss topics like cultural differences, everyday life in Beijing in class. I consider the three weeks at your school as time well spent, I would recommend it without hesitation to friends and acquaintances." -- Bernd, Germany

"I enjoyed my experience enormously. I also found it very challenging. There is an atmosphere of expectation and I wanted to come back the next day with some positive results. I think the friendliness alongside the professionalism was what impressed me most." -- Richard, England

"I enjoyed studying at 1on1Mandarin. The best thing about studying there is the high quality of teaching and the attention that the crew give to the students." -- Samir, Brazil

"In the short time I studied at the school, everything was organized very well. I really enjoyed my stay at 1on1Mandarin and have improved my Chinese language skills thanks to this intense way of studying. Having classes 1 on 1 resulted in good relationships with the teachers. Moreover studying Chinese 1 on 1 is much more efficient than in classes of around 30 people." -- Jens, Holland

"I really want learn to speak Chinese fluently, so I think I'll come to 1on1Mandarin again. The teachers are very good and 1on1 is the best way to learn Chinese 'quickly'." -- Lianne, Holland

"Have been studying here for 6 months, learnt SO much in terms of spoken Chinese, Chinese culture, understanding Chinese thinking. My husband and I have 2 different learning styles and needs (he's good at pronunciation, needs more fluency practice; I'm the opposite) and the school was able to cater for both of our needs. Now we are closer in various abilities, we decided to give 1on2 a try, which has also been really challenging (being told to debate each other and get in there and fight it out!!) and useful. You have the same teacher for at least one semester so that's been really good in terms of continuity and they really get to know you and how to help you learn better." -- Bec, Australia

"They recognize what students need and adapt instruction to those areas. My teachers are easy to talk to and don't make me nervous or self conscious about my Chinese language ability. I look forward to coming to class every day because I know that my teachers are prepared to challenge me with the day's material." -- Peter, UK

"The teachers are fantastic! Most are very enthusiastic, very committed to my growth as a Mandarin speaker. They do a really great job at addressing my many pronunciation errors, and patiently keep working on them with me. The small classes give lots of opportunity for dialogue, gives me a chance to focus on using new things I'm learning in the language." -- James, US

"I really like the one to one Chinese teaching - since I'm such a beginner, I feel like I'm laying a good foundation for the future by learning it the right way from the start." -- Abigail, US

"I have had a great experience so far with 1on1 with Teacher Li being great at correcting tones and pointing out problems. The 1on1 methodology is great as I have been looking for a place to teach 'standard' mandarin and for the teachers to be unashamedly ruthless about this. I have appreciated this in Teacher Li and also her enthusiasm for language teaching and in making it fun. She has also been great at listening and where she does not have an immediate answer is not afraid to ask her colleagues." -- David, UK

"All 3 of our teachers have been very kind and enjoyable people to learn from. Zhang laoshi has become more than a teacher ... a good friend of our family because of her care, warmth,sincerity, commitment, kindness." -- Greg, UK

"I enjoy the relationships with teachers and also the constant focus on individual needs. I love the flexibility of 1 on 1 learning as well." -- Sung Chung, US