We prefer payment by CASH (Chinese Yuan) or direct BANK TRANSFER [北京爱联达咨询服务有限公司。中国工商银行北京市分行成府路支行,0200095709200045685. Please add 100RMB conversion fee if currency is other than in Chinese Yuan]. We also accept payment by PAYPAL (payment can be made at: http://iconnectconsulting.com.cn/secure-payment/ - please add 5%), or by Wechat.

Standard Rates - One on One Chinese Class


Classes Purchased Price**
20+ hours in 1 transaction

170 RMB/class

(Qualified Experienced Teacher)

180 RMB/class

(Senior Qualified Teacher)

Less than 20 hours in 1 transaction

190 RMB/class

(Qualified Experienced Teacher)

200 RMB/class

(Senior Qualified Teacher)


More than 20 hours in 1 transaction

150 RMB/class

(Qualified Experienced Teacher)

160 RMB/class

(Senior Qualified Teacher)

* Price per 1 hour class, each with a 10 minute break

Note: Classes must be completed within a 6 month period

Full Time: standard 10 classes per week