Full Time Study with Visa

Class requirements for X2 student visa

  • Pre-pay minimum of 170 1on1 classes (at 150 RMB per hour)
  • Pre-pay 2500 RMB visa fee
  • Provide all required information for visa documents 

Class schedule

  • 17 weeks of class at two classes per day (2 hours with 2 x 10 minute breaks) Monday – Friday with:
  • Time allowed for settling in
  • Time allowed for Chinese holidays
  • Time available to schedule additional classes (additional charges applicable)

X2 Student visa details

  • 180 day single entry
  • Renewable outside of China for an additional 180 days (when purchasing additional classes)
  • Must be applied for from your home country or Thailand
  • Only available for individuals (no dependent visas available)


Once visa and class fees are paid, 1on1Mandarin will provide an invitation letter that should be taken along with the visa application and any applicable fees to the Chinese Consulate to obtain the X2 student visa. 


We prefer payment by CASH (Chinese Yuan) or direct BANK TRANSFER [北京爱联达咨询服务有限公司。中国工商银行北京市分行成府路支行,0200095709200045685. Please add 100RMB conversion fee if currency is other than in Chinese Yuan]. We also accept payment by PAYPAL (payment can be made at: http://iconnectconsulting.com.cn/secure-payment/ - please add 5%), or by Wechat.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is two 50-minute classes per day really full time?

A: 1on1 is much more intensive and gives students the opportunity to progress much more quickly than students in large group classes. Every 50-minute class can create 1 – 2 hours of self study time (including homework, class preparation, and review of what you have learnt). Students who also make time to find language partners and Chinese friends to help them practice what they’re learning in class often make the best progress.

Q: Can I schedule a short break during my study term?

A: According to government regulations, visas can only be provided to full time students. However, we are flexible, so students can schedule in short breaks when they are booking their classes.  In addition a limited number of classes can be rescheduled. 

Q: Does 1on1 Mandarin provide accommodation?

A: No, but we can help you with a short-term lease, help you arrange a home stays, or help you book a local hotel that fits your budget.

Q: What if I’m married and my spouse also wants to study? Can they get a visa too?

A: Yes, they can study too, but they must also apply for their own X2 student visa.

Q: What if I have children? How do I get visas for them?

A: We cannot provide dependant visas, but you can contact us and we can discuss your options.